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When your bunion pain no longer responds to nonsurgical interventions, you may be considering bunion surgery. At Brandywine Foot and Ankle Associates in Coatesville, and Limerick, Pennsylvania, the team of board-certified podiatrists performs a Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™. This innovative surgical procedure corrects the root cause of your bunion using minimally invasive tools and techniques. To find out more about Lapiplasty, call the office nearest you or schedule a consultation online today.

Lapiplasty Q&A

What is Lapiplasty?

Lapiplasty is an innovative surgical technique for correcting bunions. It involves the use of patented technology that repairs the entire joint deformity.

Many people think of bunions as bony growths, but a bunion is a complex joint condition caused by an unstable joint in the middle of your foot. This unstable joint allows the bones that connect your big toe to your foot to shift out of alignment.

With Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction, the surgeons at Brandywine Foot and Ankle Associates correct the root cause of your bunion. Instead of shaving off the extra bone, the surgeons restore the natural alignment of the bones in the joint and secure it in place with patented titanium plates. 

Am I a candidate for Lapiplasty?

If you have a painful bunion that affects your quality of life, then Lapiplasty may be the treatment for you. Schedule a consultation at Brandywine Foot and Ankle Associates to see if you’re a candidate for Lapiplasty. 

Lapiplasty is a minimally invasive procedure with a faster recovery time than traditional bunion correction surgery. 

Though the team determines the best surgical intervention on a case-by-case basis, most patients make good candidates for Lapiplasty, including those with diabetes, large bunions, or a history of failed bunion correction surgery.  

Lapiplasty® Patient Education Video from Treace Medical Concepts on Vimeo.

What happens during Lapiplasty?

Lapiplasty is an outpatient procedure the team performs at their nearby surgery center. Your podiatrist at Brandywine Foot and Ankle Associates reviews what to expect during your Lapiplasty at your pre-surgery consultation. 

During your Lapiplasty, your podiatrist uses the patented surgical tools and technology to rotate your misaligned bone back to its normal position. This rotation naturally removes the bump and straightens the joint and toe.

Your surgeon secures the joint with the titanium plates. 

How long is recovery following Lapiplasty?

Recovery following Lapiplasty varies. Most patients return to their usual activities about four months after their Lapiplasty.

Your surgeon first covers your surgical wound with a bandage and then places your foot in a surgical boot a few days after the procedure. You may start weight-bearing activities within days after your surgery and transition to comfortable shoes within 6-8 weeks. 

To find out if you’re a candidate for Lapiplasty, call Brandywine Foot and Ankle Associates or schedule an appointment online today.